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Project Ara to be shown off at the MWC next month

Project Ara

It has been a while since Google announced Project Ara. The company has made plans to introduce devices later this year as part of a pilot program in Puerto Rico first, followed by other parts of the globe. Well if you happen to be visiting Barcelona during the MWC 2015 event next month, you might be able to catch an early glimpse of Ara devices, as the team will reportedly be there to show off handsets and modules.

It is said that 50 modules will be shown off for the device, which are essential for creating a Project Ara device. A working prototype is also expected to be available during the event, so we might have our closest glimpse of Project Ara next month.

The functionality of Project Ara devices will be quite limited at first, but in due time, users will be able to swap out essential components like RAM, camera sensor and even the display by merely inserting a new one. The idea has certainly come a long way since it was first introduced by Google and it will interesting to see where it’s headed in the coming months.

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