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Pebble Has A Mysterious Countdown Timer On Their Website

Pebble Countdown

While most companies are waiting until Mobile World Congress to announce new products, it seems that Pebble is looking to be ahead of that curve.

Pebble, for those unfamiliar, is a small startup from California and it can be argued that they invented the idea of a smart watch and made it popular before Android Wear and other company’s efforts. The last time Pebble had a new product was the “FreshHotFly” colors last August, so this will probably be a major announcement.

With just less than 5 days remaining on the timer, that puts the announcement time at about 6 AM Pacific Time next Tuesday. There’s not many details on what Pebble could announce, but sources at 9to5Mac are stating that it could be a new thinner color model, with some other features included such as a microphone.

Regardless of what Pebble announces next week, it will be interesting to see where they go now with Android Wear devices having been sold since last summer and the upcoming release of the Apple Watch.

Source: Pebble via 9to5Mac

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