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OnePlus shows off its Android 5.0 OxygenOS ROM in a short video

OnePlus One

The Android 5.0 based OxygenOS ROM for the OnePlus One was teased not too long ago. Although the official arrival has been scheduled for February 12, the company has uploaded a short teaser video giving us a closer look of the new ROM.

Earlier in the day, a leak from China revealed some convincing looking screenshots of the said OS, so we’ve already seen quite a bit of this new ROM. We’re hoping to learn more about the ROM leading up to the arrival on Feb. 12. The video shows off the Android 5.0 easter egg and everything appears to be pretty close to stock Android, which is good news.

OnePlus claims that the update is almost ready, so owners of the OnePlus One won’t have to wait long to have this software running on their device. The company will share more details on how to transition from the current Cyanogen OS ROM to this new version when OxygenOS goes official next Thursday.

What do you think about the OxygenOS ROM for the OnePlus One?

Source: YouTube

Via: Android and Me

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