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Motorola sending Android 5.0 for the Moto E through a soak test

Moto E Lollipop

Motorola has finished the Android 5.0 rollout for the likes of the Moto X and the Moto G. But the company also has the responsibility of sending out the update for the Moto E, which is a budget handset that was unveiled about an year ago.

Today, the company has officially begun sending out the Lollipop update to soak testers of the smartphone. This is very good news for users of the handset as regular customers shouldn’t be far away from getting the update now.

In order to be eligible for the update, users need to sign up to the Motorola Feedback Network. Soak testers also have the added responsibility of keeping the the update strictly confidential so as to not leak out details ahead of schedule.

Since Android 5.0 is tailored to work with a wide range of devices, the update should run smoothly on the Moto E. We expect Motorola to share more details on the final rollout of the update over the coming weeks.

Source: STJSGadgets

Via: Phone Arena

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