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Motorola pokes fun at Apple’s #bendgate fiasco while detailing the design of the Moto E

Moto E 2015

Motorola unveiled the second gen Moto E only yesterday. In announcing the device, the company also took a jibe at Apple’s infamous bendgate fiasco which received significant media coverage after the iPhone 6 Plus launch.

In explaining the design of the new Moto E with LTE, Motorola said in its blog post yesterday – “The Moto E has a curved back, ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand and not bend in your back pocket.” That last bit is a direct jab at the iPhone 6 Plus which was accused of bending without any voluntary force.

This comes after a Jony Ive (Apple’s design chief) profile by the New Yorker revealed his displeasure at Motorola’s customization tool (Moto Maker). Although he didn’t specifically mention Motorola, it was quite obvious that he was talking about the company.

This didn’t sit down well with Motorola obviously as it made a counter attack saying that Motorola offers affordable devices and provides customers the liberty to customize their devices as they please.

Keeping that in mind, this slight jibe at Apple was cleverly timed by Motorola. Granted we’ve had an exhaustive barrage of bendgate stories over the past few months, gentle ribbing of this nature is good to see.

Source: Motorola

Via: Phone Arena

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