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Motorola now offering coupon codes for its $140 off promo

Motorola Valentine's Day Deal

Users can now apply to get promo codes for Motorola’s $140 discount promo. The offer will go live on Valentine’s Day where you stand to save a substantial sum on the Moto X, Moto 360 or the Moto G. The promotion doesn’t include the Nexus 6, the 2nd generation Moto X from Republic Wireless or the MotoCare accidental damage protection plan.

Users stand to save $140 on purchases of $499.99 or above and $50 if you’re making purchases of $249.99 or higher. But for that, you will need these coupon codes which will be mailed to you after you register. Motorola has made it clear that it has plenty to give away, so if you register right away, you can easily get your hands on a discount code.

Motorola has clarified that any customers who bought the Moto X, Moto G or the Moto 360 over the past two weeks can get the difference amount refunded to them. This is nice gesture from Motorola to ensure that recent customers are not left out from the promotion.

Head over to the link below for more information on how to register for a promo code. Once you get yourself a promo code, you have until Valentine’s Day to spend it on a device as that’s when the promotion ends (11:59PM ET).

Source: Motorola

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