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Inbox from Gmail can now be accessed on tablets too

Inbox for Tablets

Gmail’s Inbox application which is available as an invite only service is quickly evolving. The email app which was available only for smartphones can now be accessed from tablets as well. To make it even more user friendly, Google has built in support for Firefox and Safari browsers.

In addition to supporting Android tablets, the Inbox by Gmail app can now work on an Apple iPad too. So if you’ve used Inbox before but have felt left out from its lack of support for larger devices, this should come as good news.

If you’re still new to Inbox, you should request for an invite by writing to and your invite should pop up on your email very soon. Inbox gives you access to a wide range of content by categorizing emails based on their labels. This makes it easier for you to access emails pertaining to a particular label (such as social) in one place, rather than having it spread across the email list.

Source: Google

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