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Hardware specifications of the upcoming Galaxy Tab S 2 tablets surface

Galaxy Tab S 2

Earlier this week, we spoke of a potential successor to the Galaxy Tab S line launching later this year. Today, a new revelation has shared information on the specifications of the tablets. The series will have two tablets, one with an 8 inch display and another with a 9.7 inch display panel.

It is said that the display resolution of both the tablets have been brought down to 2048 × 1536, which shouldn’t matter much as the difference is negligible. Although the report claims that both tablets will feature the Exynos 5433 chipset out of the box, it is very likely that Samsung will replace this with the Exynos 7420 in time for launch.

The tablets will support Cat.6 LTE standard, which will offer increased data speeds wherever the networks are supported. Both tablets are expected to launch with Android 5.0.2 Lollipop and will reportedly feature 3,580 mAh and 5,870 mAh battery packs respectively.

The 8 inch variant will reportedly weigh 260 grams while the larger 9.7 inch Galaxy Tab S 2 is said to be about 407 grams. Finally, the smaller model is revealed to be packing dimensions of 198.2 × 134.5 × 5.4 while the 9.7 inch model will have dimensions of 237.1 × 168.8 × 5.4. Interestingly, both tablets are shown to be 5.4 mm thick, which is remarkable for a tablet.

That being said, it’s still early to tell if this leak is legitimate, so we’ll wait for more word from the manufacturer before jumping to conclusions.

Via: Sam Mobile

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