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Google’s ‘Tablescape’ might be your solution to sharing food related pictures


According to a new revelation, Google could be working on a new service called ‘Tablescape‘ which would let users across the world share images of food. Think of this as an Instagram for food related content. This will be a social networking service and we’re guessing users will be able to access their profiles using Google accounts, much like any Google app really.

There are some screenshots already available for us to see, which are giving us a hint of how this feature works. The layout is quite similar to Google+ and there also appears to be tips on how to capture good looking images of food for better discovery.


While adding new pictures of food or foodographs, users get to filter it based on vegan, gluten-free etc to make it easier to find. It has all the makings of becoming a popular social network, but it seems like Tablescape is only being tested internally for the time being.

We hope to learn more about this new app/service soon. What do you think about Tablescape, let us know below.

Via: Android Police

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