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Google Shutting Down Helpouts Service

Google Helpouts Closing Message

After close to a year and a half of service, Google is shutting down their Helpouts service. For those unfamiliar, Helpouts was a program designed by Google to use the Hangouts service as a way for users to help people who needed it. There was even an option to pay for help.

However, the service had very slow growth and also faced regulatory issues in Europe, so Helpouts will be shutting down on April 20th. Users will be able to download existing data until November 1st through Google Takeout, but after that date all data will be deleted.

If you wanted to get in last-minute, Google is not taking anymore signups for the service for either people who need help or wanted to offer help. So yet again, a Google service is shutting down.

Source: Google via Android Central

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