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Customers can get the OnePlus One without an invite every Tuesday

OnePlus One Invite Tuesday

OnePlus has just announced a new “open sales” promotion for the One smartphone where the device will be made available for purchase every Tuesday without an invite. The timings for the sale are as follows : 12AM PST, 8AM GMT and 4PM HKT (Hong Kong).

We’re guessing there will only be limited units available for sale, so it will be offered on a first come first served basis. OnePlus has run such promotions in the past, only to have its stocks exhausted in no time, but we’re hoping things will be different this time around.

The company isn’t expected to announce a successor until the second half of the year, but until then, it behooves the company to make its original model available to as many users as possible. The company promises to hold this sale every Tuesday henceforth, so you can wait a week if you miss out. This way, almost everybody can get their hands on the OnePlus One.

Source: OnePlus

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