AT&T Updates Galaxy S5 With VoLTE And Android 4.4.4

Samsung Galaxy S5 In Hand

There’s good news and bad news today for Samsung Galaxy S5 users on AT&T. The good news is that you now get access to VoLTE, so now you can make phone calls without being downgraded to the older network. The bad news is that the version of Android with this update is 4.4.4 instead of Lollipop and there’s new bloatware.

With Verizon releasing the update to Lollipop for their variant of the Galaxy S5, it seems strange that AT&T and Samsung didn’t wait to finish Lollipop for their own variant before releasing this update. But hopefully it is coming very soon. Here are the release notes for the update:

  • Android KitKat 4.4.4
  • Miscellaneous improvements, bug fixes, and security updates
  • HD Voice Capability
  • AT&T Service additions:
  • Mail – ATT Mail ( mail)
  • AT&T Live
  • Uber
  • Remote Support

So if you are on AT&T with a Galaxy S5, this update is now starting to roll out to you. If you’re looking for Lollipop, hopefully it’s coming soon.

Source: AT&T via Android Central