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AT&T Offering Certain Customers Device Insurance

Normally when you buy a device from a carrier, you only have a limited time to get insurance. But for a limited time, AT&T is giving customers insurance no matter when they bought their devices.

AT&T Protection Plans

Until March 31st, AT&T will cover any devices you bring to them, as long as you have at least one device on the network. The most expensive $29.99 per month plan covers tablets and even laptops, as long as one device is on the network.

The difference between the $6.99 per month plan and the $9.99 per month plan is that the most expensive one will get you priority technical support. So if you don’t mind being on hold a little longer, you should stick with the cheaper plan.

The deductible on the cheapest insurance plan starts at $199, meaning you will have to pay that fee before your insurance covers the rest. After 6 months with no accidents, that drops to $149. After a year, that deductible drops to $99 per month, with no further deductions.

Look into the terms for the single-device and multi-device plans if you decide to take advantage of this deal to see what the full costs are. And if you need insurance and are accident prone, definitely take advantage of this offer.

Source: AT&T via Android Police

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