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Apple to introduce its first ever Android app soon?

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Apple has crossed horns with Google’s Android platform on a number of occasions. But it seems like the Cupertino manufacturer might be looking to bring an application meant for Android, in accordance with Beats Audio. Given that Apple now owns Beats, it’s only logical to assume that the app coming from them will have something to do with Apple.

It is said that Apple will ditch the Beats Music branding and start a new service from scratch with apps available on its own iOS platform as well as Android. Apple will reportedly take on the competition in terms of pricing by charging just $7.99 per month for its streaming service while most music streaming services ask for $9.99 per month.

There’s still some time left for the app to surface as Apple doesn’t have any events scheduled until mid-2015 (WWDC). The app should be available shortly after its announcement during the event. Bear in mind, nothing is set in stone and the plans can easily change at the last minute. But it’s good to ponder over the idea of an Apple developed application arriving on the Google Play Store.

Source: 9to5Mac

Via: Phone Arena

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