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Android 5.2 reportedly spotted on a LG Nexus 5

Android 5.2

We’ve seen Android 5.1 on a handful of Android One smartphones globally and a new revelation has unearthed Android 5.2 as well. This unknown version of Android was spotted running on the Nexus 5 according to a Geekbench listing.

It hasn’t been long since Android 5.1 went official, so the spotting of Android 5.2 this early in the day does raise some suspicion. However, it’s very likely that Google is already testing this version of Android for a launch in mid-2015.

Since we’ve only seen this version on a benchmark listing, there’s no word on the features that this update would bring. That being said, we might be getting excited over nothing as it is possible to modify the version number of Android on custom ROMs.

So we will wait for more information on this particular ROM before jumping to conclusions and we suggest you do the same. There’s no word on when Google will begin the rollout of Android 5.1 for Nexus devices, so the release of Android 5.2 will be the last thing on their minds.

Source: Geekbench

Via: Phone Arena

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