Android 5.0 update for the Galaxy Note Edge contains a ‘mute mode’ toggle

Galaxy Note Edge Mute Mode

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge started receiving the Android 5.0 update in some regions today. And users are pointing out the addition of a new ‘Mute’ mode in the Settings tray. This is essentially a Quick Settings toggle to turn it on or off at your convenience.

In addition to activating Mute mode from this toggle, users can also activate the feature by using the volume rocker, which is how it works on stock Android 5.0. This is a very neat touch from Samsung and should greatly help in making lives of the customers a lot easier.

We’re guessing Samsung will gradually add this feature on all variants of its Android 5.0 ROM so that there’s no discrimination between users of the Galaxy Note Edge and other Galaxy flagships. The Android 5.0.1 update for the Galaxy Note Edge started rolling out today in Australia, so it should be available on a global scale fairly soon.

Have you received the update on your Galaxy Note Edge yet? What do you think about this new feature?

Via: Sam Mobile