A New Google Play Update Is Coming Soon

Play Store Logo

A new Google Play store update is either coming “soon” or it has already been released to users. That’s what Google’s user interface engineer Kirill Grouchnikov is saying on Google Plus.

Grouchnikov is known for teasing new updates right before they are released, so this is nothing new. However, the update is most certainly new. The action bar has been replaced with a new search bar, bringing with it the well-liked hamburger-to-arrow rotation animation.

New Google Play Search

While this seems like a good idea, it is also going against Google’s own design documents for developers. Google has told developers repeatedly to have apps with action bars with defined colors that also house specific app features and functions.

Whatever the case, the update should hit Android users when it comes out and over the days and weeks in the future. To check your Play Store version, check in the about screen for your apps’s build number.

Source: Kirill Grouchnikov via Droid Life