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YouTuber sends multiple HTC One M8s into space

HTC One M8

A YouTube celebrity from the UK who is known to conduct some crazy experiments went a notch further for New Year’s. Thanks to HTC’s support, he managed to send out 2-4 HTC One M8 smartphones to outer space, making it the first phone to breach the 106,500 feet altitude mark. Before that, the package even set off a few fireworks when it reached 20,000 feet. This was done with an altitude switch which set them off after crossing the desired mark.

All smartphones survived the journey and remained functional even after return, resulting in excellent PR for HTC. The smartphones were recording footage all throughout the journey and had GPS enabled to ensure where they were headed during the return.

Colin Furze is renowned for experiments on YouTube, but this one has certainly topped everything we’ve seen from him so far. Make sure you give the video a look to know how he achieved this feat.

Source: YouTube

Via: Android Authority

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