WhatsApp Is Banning Users Of WhatsApp+ Third-Party App


With more than 600 million users, WhatsApp is clearly one of the most popular messaging services in the world. Even Facebook was interested, as they purchased the app and service in 2014 for $19 billion dollars. That usage comes at a price, however, as it seems they are now killing a popular third-party app called WhatsApp+.

People who are using this app are getting 24-hour bans from the service, along with being referred to a support document that states they do not support the WhatsApp+ and should move to the official one to be unbanned.


With the language WhatsApp is using, it seems that they are effectively going to continue to ban users of the app and that WhatsApp+ is dead for now. One of the developer of Whatsapp+, Dr. Mounib Al Rifai said:

“Guys if you are getting this error don’t panic we are working hard to find a fix for the issue as soon as possible in the mean time you can use the normal WhatsApp till a fix is found..  Very sorry for this issue as WhatsApp is pushing us into a corner..”

So if you use WhatsApp+, download the official app until a fix is possibly found. If you download an app, you won’t get the 24 hour ban.

Source: Google+ via Android Police