T-Mobile secured highest number of subscribers in 2014

T-Mobile Logo

According to a new survey conducted by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), T-Mobile had a very lucrative 2014. It is said that the carrier had the highest number of subscriptions and even managed to retain the most customers compared to other networks, which is a significant achievement for the carrier in the highly competitive telecom industry.

The report said – “T-Mobile started the quarter with 10 percent of the consumers in our quarterly survey of phone activators and ended the quarter with 13 percent. This 29 percent increase in share of this quarter’s phone activators is consistent with the recent T-Mobile announcement that they added about 2 million customers.”

T-Mobile has been competing with Sprint in the telecom industry and is vying for the third spot quite aggressively. The difference in consumer base between Sprint and T-Mobile has come down to under a million, so it’s natural that Sprint will be concerned at this point. If T-Mobile is able to keep up this momentum, it won’t be long before it takes over the third spot.