Samsung’s TouchWiz implementation with Galaxy S6 to replicate stock Android: Report

Samsung Galaxy S6 CSC

The Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship is expected to arrive by March or April this year. And knowing Samsung, the world expects them to show off a new version of TouchWiz with the device. It is being said that this year, the company might be finally ready to take things down a notch.

The smartphone will reportedly come with a relatively plain looking TouchWiz UI, almost in line with stock Android. That’s not to say that Samsung will completely do away with its favorite software features, but merely that the UI layering might not be excessive like we’ve seen in previous iterations of TouchWiz.

Stock Android 5.0 is pretty smooth to begin with, so Samsung might not have to change a whole lot. But expect features like Multi Window, S Finder etc to be on board the device. With the company rumored to be introducing themes with Android 5.0, we’ve already received several subtle hints at where the company is headed in the future.

Source: Business Korea

Via: Phandroid