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Samsung now has a new chief of product design

Galaxy S6

Samsung has changed its product design chief for the second time in under a year, just as we lead up to the launch of the Galaxy S6 in a couple of months from now. The manufacturer is expected to be showing off the smartphone in March during the MWC event, so there’s not much time left before we see the new device in action.

Lee Don-tae has been involved with the likes of Toyota, LG and British Airways in the past, so Samsung is clearly placing its trust in very capable hands. He was also the ex-CEO of Tangerine, a Britain based design firm founded by Jony Ive who is responsible for the design of most of the Apple products that we see around us.

The news is only breaking out now but it is believed that he has been working on Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone for quite some time now. We’re eagerly looking forward to the company’s new flagship as it could be the best we’ve ever seen from Samsung.

The pressure is quite high on the leadership as well, so a lot is counting on this flagship. Maybe we can finally expect to see that metal Samsung Galaxy S flagship which we’ve all been waiting for.

Source: The Korea Herald

Via: Engadget

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