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Samsung to make theme customization a standard with future smartphones

Samsung Theme Store

The Samsung Galaxy A series have already introduced the ability to add new themes, which is a feature long expected to make its way to current crop of Samsung flagships as well. A new report now suggests that Samsung could be looking to bring a lot more than just the ability to change themes. Features like customized fonts and sounds are also said to be making their way to future Samsung devices.

And for those looking to get more themes on their Samsung device, the company will reportedly introduce something known as the Theme Store where customers will get to pick from a wide range of themes. We’re hoping Samsung will open this theme store to third party developers as well, which would bring in more content for users to play around with. While flagships like the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4 should inevitably get the feature, the Galaxy S6 could be the smartphone which will showcase these new features.

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Via: Sam Mobile

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