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Samsung to launch the Galaxy S6 in two variants

Samsung Galaxy S6 CSC

According to a new report from a reliable source, the Samsung Galaxy S6 handset will be launched in two separate variants after its announcement in March. This is in line with what was reported before, so we’re not really surprised. And unsurprisingly, it is said that the series will be launched in two variants – one with a standard display (probably 2K) and the other with a curved display like the Galaxy Note Edge.

While the Galaxy Note Edge isn’t exactly flying off the shelves, it won’t be surprising if Samsung gives the concept another go with the Galaxy S6 moniker. Hardware details about the two devices are not known at the moment, but it seems like we’ll be in for quite a big surprise this year when the Korean manufacturer holds its announcement.

It is imperative for Samsung to make an impact on the market with these two devices given the shrinking sales with each quarter. Would you be interested in two new Galaxy S6 models at the time of launch?

Source: Business Insider

Via: GSM Arena

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