Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 24]

Good day guys! Here’s another part of our Samsung Galaxy S5 troubleshooter series.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t turn on

Problem: Hey guys! Nice website you have, it’s very informative and solves many problems.

Well, my problem is that my Galaxy S5 got stuck and it didn’t respond like for 3 minutes so I decided to take off the battery. After that, the phone turned on but got stuck again but this time in the “Samsung Galaxy S5… Powered by Android”

. It didn’t respond again, so I took off the battery and after that it didn’t turn on or charge. I tried the recovery and downloading mode but nothing happens. The charger is okay because I tried using it to charge my other phone. I tried another charger but nothing happened to the phone. Hope you can help me. Thanks! — Victor

Troubleshooting: Hi there Victor. You have tried all the suggestions we are supposed to give you to do to determine the root cause of the issue. It appears that your phone had been hardware bricked for some reason. This means that it has become totally unusable at this time and we cannot do the usual troubleshooting steps that we do if the problem involves a software problem. If we have software bricked your S5, it still would allow you to go recovery mode, download mode, perform a factory reset, etc. In your case, the phone simply does not respond to any input. Your best course of action here is to return the phone to Samsung or your service provider so you can ask for a replacement. Don’t forget to take out your SD card before returning it.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped” error

Problems: Hiya. Hope you can help. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S5 and all of a sudden when I open my Gallery I get an error message: “Unfortunately Samsung Galaxy has stopped.” If I press OK it works fine although it freezes sometimes briefly depending on how I’m accessing the Gallery. Thanks. — Jasveen

Hi. I’ve recently been getting the message ‘Samsung Galaxy has stopped working’ pop up on the screen a few times through the day I can’t seem to find anything online and was hoping you could assist me in some way. I have the Samsung Galaxy S5. Thanks for your time. — Rob

Hi. I have had my S5 for 3 months and its started to get sluggish and keeps popping up with “Samsung Galaxy has unfortunately stopped working” error. The phone does it on a couple of things. Any ideas? Many thanks. — Connor

Hello I don’t know if you could help but my phone keeps coming up with “Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy has stopped”. And I don’t know why. I’ve attached screen shots of the problems. Can you help at all? Regards. — Rachel

Hi could help me my S5 has  recently started having screen pop ups saying “Samsung  Galaxy has stopped” or “Google had stopped”. — Sussian

Please help. Random apps will crash when I switch to a different screen, reply to text, pause game to answer phone, and just closing the app.

An example of the errors I’m getting is this: “Ice age adventures has stopped working”. The app then asks to either send report or press OK.  — John

Hi. I keep getting error message when I am in my Gallery saying “Samsung Galaxy has stopped working”. Can you help? How do I get rid of this? Thanking you in advance. — Kerry

Troubleshooting: Hi Guys! We decided to put all your issues into one section in this post so we can address them all at once. This is also to let you know that the problem is pervasive and is not unique to your individual S5 device. Obviously, the problem involves the phone’s software so our first priority is to find out what’s causing it to not work properly. Some of you may already have an idea how to resolve a software issue on a Samsung Galaxy S5 because we have been dealing with all sorts of similar problems in our previous posts but they are worth repeating here for the sake of those who are new to Android environment and the uninitiated.

Clear the cache. This solution hopes to resolve the problem by dealing with possibly corrupt app cache. Your Android operating system is designed to be gentle on the battery so aside from utilizing the RAM to store temporary data to access files faster, it also uses the cache as a temporary storage to store app-specific information to open them efficiently next time you access them. Over time however, an app’s cache can grow large or become corrupted so it’s recommended to clear it regularly. If the error you are getting are being caused by a particular app, clearing its cache can almost always resolve the problem. Here are the steps on how the clear an app cache:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Application Manager.
  • Search the app under All tab.
  • Tap on the desired app.
  • Select Force Stop, Clear Cache, and Clear Data options. Make sure to press the buttons in this order.
  • Restart the phone and open the messaging app as normal.

If you have no time to uninstall then re-download an app you suspected to be causing the error, we suggest that you hit Clear Data option. This functions in a similar fashion as reinstalling an app.

Perform a factory reset. Sometimes, no single app may be causing the phone to act erratically so it’s wise to just simply wipe everything from the device and start anew. Thankfully, this step can be done quite easily by simply performing a factory reset. As mentioned, this step will erase everything on your phone so make sure to create a copy of your important files, videos, pictures, etc.


How to do a 3-way call using Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: I have a Galaxy S5 on the Verizon network. My  son has the same phone on the AT&T network. When he and I are taking  and someone calls him, he is able to merge and do a 3 way call. But, if we are talking and someone calls me, I am only allowed to swap but no merge option. Verizon said it is a network issue. However, my husband has a Galaxy S4 on the Verizon network and he is able to merge calls. So how can it be a network issue? — Melissa

Troubleshooting: Hi Melissa. Your question can best be answered by Verizon than us or Samsung. We are positive though that the S5 is capable of merging more than 2 calls at one time. The limitation that you are experiencing is set by Verizon. As far as we know, merging 3 calls into one is as simple as pressing the “Merge” button on the screen and we believe that you already have an idea how to do it. For educational purposes and for the benefit of other readers, here are the simple steps on how to use 3-way calling on an S5:

  • Press Call icon and go to the right to answer the call.
  • Hit Call icon and go to the right to answer the next call.
  • Press Put “Name/Number” on hold to put the first call on hold.
  • Join the two callers into a single multi-party call by tapping Merge icon.
  • If you want to temporarily leave the conference call, simply hit Menu icon then Hold.
  • To rejoin the conference call tap Resume call.
  • Tap End Call icon to end the call.

We did some research on the issue and came up with a good guide on where to start. Just follow this link. We suggest that you talk to Verizon’s customer service team and review how you can enable “Merge” option into your existing plan. They should give information on certain requirements to make you eligible for such feature.


SanDisk SD card not properly working on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hello everyone. I’m having serious trouble with my new 64GB Sandisk Ultra SDXC card in my Galaxy S5. I had a 32GB Kingston, an HDSC card, which I synced with iTunes using Tunesync or something, without any trouble.

I have ever since been using JRiver and MediaMonkey for music.

So when I tried to use them to sync to my new SD Card, I kept having problems. Meaning, even when the process completed without errors, the phone didn’t behave normally.

It wouldn’t properly recognize it anymore and when i rebooted it started checking for errors. When after some minutes it completed, it was working perfectly BUT whereas I had left a 1 GB free space before it now showed me that it had a 55-56 GB free space!!! I went into the Music folder created by MediaMonkey and JRiver, I formatted and used both from scratch, it had all the folders, in a structure of Artist – Album, but only the folders up until B or C had music files in them!!! The media players and windows explorer showed me that the transfer of all the files was successful, meaning they all showed 1GB free space before I rebooted the phone.

I went on to using the card reader of my brother’s laptop, and used SDFormater to format the card successfully. I suspected a faulty card so i also used the Overwrite Erase option that basically writes in all the sectors of the card. It naturally took a lot of time but finished WITHOUT ANY ERRORS. So i tried to sync it through the card reader using MediaMonkey and my portable library in a portable hard disk so it was easy. Once again the SAME THING HAPPENED.

I also tried formatting it in my phone and then syncing it again through the card reader and it still worked the same way.

Considering the limitations of KitKat and Android L (I am running the new Android 5.0 in my S5) imposed in external SD cards, i was thinking that maybe there is a size limit to any folder outside the ANDROID folder, the only space that the OS lets apps write. Because what is left in those folders, the remaining songs, are flawlessly recognized by PowerAmp and play correctly. My SD card even passes the tests of A1 SD Bench. Can anyone confirm this or has anyone ever had a similar problem? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

PS: I am using Windows 8.1, the laptop had Windows 7 and the latest edition of Media Monkey and JRiver. — Kostas

Troubleshooting: Hi Kostas. We are not aware of any specific folder size limitations on the newly released Android Lollipop operating system as of this time. Normally, for any SD card-related problem we recommend that the user format their cards via the phone to ensure that its file format is compatible with the device. We understand that you have tried doing that so the problem is most probably being introduced by the multimedia software you are using (Jriver and MediaMonkey). To be frank, we are yet to acquaint ourselves with how these software work and whether they can potentially cause similar issues on other types of SD cards.

We will be researching on this issue further and update this post once we have a more comprehensive answer.


Samsung Galaxy S5 gyro not working

Problem: Hi guys. Thank you for that quick response for my last issue.

Right now, I’m worrying about the situation that has been freaking me out since I got this phone last May.

My S5 shows the wrong direction I’m pointing in when I’m on Google Maps. It shows the correct location though. The blue arrow in Google Maps usually shows it’s 90° to 180° off the alignment. What do I need to do? Tried GPS toolbox and GPS Status apps and even got the Pro version of them but nothing had been working so far. This problem has been from the day I owned this device. Everything updated to latest version. Can I calibrate the compass or should I go for a new phone if this one is defective. Thanks a ton again! — Shomil

Troubleshooting: Hi Shomil. We suggest that you test the functionality of your phone’s gyroscope first. Simply access your phone’s service menu by typing “*#0*#” (without the quotation marks) in the dialer. Once you are in the Test Menu page, tap on Sensor and place the phone over a flat surface like table or floor (making sure that the surface is level). Wait for 30 seconds to allow the phone to calibrate itself then tap on Gyro Selftest button. Look for the word “PASS” on the screen to confirm that the gyro is fully functional. If you are not seeing the word “PASS”, or continue getting the original problem, please call Samsung or your network provider for a replacement.


Missing charging door for Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: I read your answer to a question about the door that slides aside when the charger is connected. My Galaxy S5 is about 4 months old. About a month ago the door on my device just fell off from use I thought. I thought nothing of it. These type doors are unstable at best and frequently fall off eventually in my experience. Now you have me worrying. Do I need to take it to Verizon or Samsung for repair? — Steve

Troubleshooting: Hi Steve. We’re sorry to cause you undue concern but that charging door on your phone is not only for cosmetic purposes but also serves as an important component to keep away dust and liquid from penetrating inside. If you are careful with your device and does not have plans on having it get wet or immersed in water, then you can just ignore that missing door. However, if you want to enjoy the full protection of Samsung Galaxy S5’s IP67 certification, which means it can withstand 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, then you must go to Samsung to secure a new casing or your service provider for a replacement.


Samsung Galaxy S5 overheating

Problem: My Samsung S5 has started overheating in the past 3 days. I don’t have boosters installed but the BitDefender Antivirus is working. I recently installed just a few apps like Drippler. I did an analysis with CPU Temp and the result is shown on the screen shot attached. What could be causing the overheating? I cleared the cache via the recovery mode. What could be going on? Thanks. — Doc



Troubleshooting: Hi Doc. Overheating can be caused by a few things that include rogue apps running in the background, malware forcing the phone’s processor to work on something, faulty battery, or a plain and simple hardware failure. Does your phone get uncomfortably hot to touch from time to time? Based on the screenshot that you sent us, your phone appears to have go beyond the normal temperature threshold of 70ºC. That the phone’s CPU temperature spikes to 76ºC when playing Angry Birds is a clear indicator that something is not right. If the readings are accurate, then you must stop using your phone first to avoid damaging components inside.

Samsung does not release official details on heat tolerance of its processor so we can only make an educated guess on the topic. However, most Android experts think that any CPU temperature above 70ºC can be harmful for other parts of the motherboard and for the phone in general.

We suggest that you let Samsung check your phone or replace it. If this phone is part of your data plan, have your service provider replace it as soon as possible.


Samsung Galaxy S5 browser keeps on crashing when loading

Problem: Hello. I have a Galaxy S5 which i got like a month ago. Since I got it, while I am using the browser, at times the screen freezes and a white screen comes up saying: “Tab has crashed. An error occurred while displaying this webpage. To continue, tap Reload or go to another page. Reload Button”. I have tried in Safe Mode, and again the same happens. It happens in different web sites, but mostly while  I am browsing Kindly provide some assistance. Thanks. Regards. — Jon

Troubleshooting: Hi Jon. What browser are you using when visiting If it is the default Chrome browser, performing a Safe Mode and still using it is useless because it is a stock app. What you need to do is to try using another third party browser like Mozilla Firefox for Android and see if it makes any difference. You can also try to clear the app’s cache (steps mentioned above).

If nothing works, try to do a factory reset.


Samsung Galaxy S5 black screen issue

Problem: Hi. Love your tips through Drippler. Recently my phone screen has gone black and difficult to get back.  Seems it started after I would turn down brightness at night. I could feel that the phone was on so I would try to unlock swipe to open it. I could hear the click that unlocked it but still black screen. I would keep hitting power button along with other keys and would eventually come back. I quit lowering the brightness and also went into Safe Mode (thanks for how to) to see if that helped.  I uninstalled the latest apps I had downloaded but that didn’t seem to affect it. Yesterday was very frustrating because I got a text from a co-worker and drove to meet him. Got there and couldn’t see the screen though  like it had gone to sleep and stayed black. After several minutes of pressing the buttons it came back. Besides going to tech center is there anything else you can suggest? Thanks. keep up the great work. — Kathi

Troubleshooting: Hi Kathi. Your phone is either having a software or hardware issue. You can try to reset the phone to factory defaults. The troubleshooting steps that we suggest in our posts revolve mainly in trying to isolate what particular software issue a device is having. Only after doing steps that help us confirm that it’s not a software issue do we recommend that a customer ask for a phone replacement or have the device checked by a professional.


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