Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 23]

Here comes another part of our Samsung Galaxy S5 troubleshooter series, folks!

Gemma Error

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Samsung Galaxy S5 showing “Unfortunately, your Samsung Galaxy has stopped working”

Problem: Hi. When I try to access my Gallery or when someone sends me a picture, my phone displays the message “Unfortunately, your Samsung Galaxy has stopped working” but when I press the OK message underneath, everything appears to then work as normal! Can you help tell me why it displays the message and how to get rid please? Thanks. — Mark 

Troubleshooting: Hi Mark. If this is the only app giving you this type of error, the problem may have something to do with its cache, a temporary storage of needed files to access the app faster. If  the said cache is full or corrupted, it can either cause the app to crash or not work properly. However, emptying the cache resolves most app issues 95% of the time so we suggest that you try these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Application Manager.
  • Search the app under All tab.
  • Tap on the desired app.
  • Select Force Stop, Clear Cache, and Clear Data options. Make sure to press the buttons in this order.
  • Restart the phone and open the messaging app as normal.

By selecting Clear Data, you are telling the device to re-install the app without actually re-downloading the app again from a remote server so make sure to back app your important files, pictures, videos, etc. before doing any of the steps above.

Because an S5’s Gallery app is pre-installed, meaning it came with the operating system as one of its integral apps, you may also have to perform a factory reset if  clearing the app’s cache won’t help. Remember to always make a back-up copy of your important files before doing the reset.


Samsung Galaxy S5 lag when doing calls

Problem: I’m experiencing severe call lag. It’s not all the time but always in the same location. It makes it almost impossible to have conversations. I work in the oilfield of Ohio and I’m in poor service areas all the time. On specific area where my camper is located I seem to experience lag. When I dial I get a strange beep then the call will become a series of pauses and then we both talk at the same time. Horrible. It has 2 bars of 1x and sometimes even 3G. I have made calls with much less. I have tried switching the preferred network and restarting. Any help would be much appreciated. — Dave

Troubleshooting: Hi Dave. Looks like the problem you’re having has nothing to do with your phone. The way we see it is that you are experiencing delay receiving and/or sending voice signals back and forth to your service provider resulting to significant delay. This is why it appears that you are talking at the same time sometimes because your phone may be receiving late feedback from the cellphone towers around you.

We recommend that you talk with your service provider about it and see if they can give you any tips on how to boost the signals received on your phone by tweaking some settings on it. If the real cause is distance from the nearest available network tower, we doubt if there’s a fix for that soon.

Signal traffic congestion also causes signal delays so try to determine if other people in your area have encountered the same problem. That would be a helpful observation you can tell to your network tech support so they can fix the issue in your area.


Samsung Galaxy S5 getting “SECURITY WARNING: There are problems with the security certificate for this site….” pop-up

Problem: Hi. Please help me. I have a Samsung S5 phone and every few minutes  a security warning box keeps popping up saying: “SECURITY WARNING: There are problems with the security certificate for this site….” The name of the site does not match the name on the certificate. Any idea how to stop this from popping up? It pops up anytime, whilst watching a clip, whilst using WhatsApp/BBM, whilst the phone is being idle….I await your response. Many thanks. — Baz

Troubleshooting: Hi Baz. We suspect that your phone may have been infected with a malware. If you installed an app before you started noticing the problem, there’s a big chance that that app may have hosted a malware, or introduced a virus after the installation. Try to uninstall the most recent app you have installed and see if that will make any difference. Otherwise, simply perform a Safe Mode on your phone to see if our hunch is correct. By doing this, we are trying to let the phone run only trusted apps by barring any third party applications from starting. If your phone works normally without the pop-up, that means you have to uninstall every app you can conceive to have caused it starting from the most recent.  Alternatively, you can also just do a Factory Reset to ensure that the phone runs a clean operating system.


How to replace water-resistant “door” of Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Thank you for your blog and column DroidGuy, I appreciate reading it. My question is a simple one. After using the supplied USB 3 cable to çharge or connect to my pc, the little “door” on the bottom that makes the phone water resistant is sort of mis-aligned and it sticks out a bit with a sharp edge. Is there a way to safely remove or even replace this piece?

I wouldn’t want to simply snap it off without knowing so while I will gladly live without it I’d want to know the best way to proceed.

Thank you! — Joel

Troubleshooting: Hi Joel. Unfortunately, there’s no safe way to remove that part because it’s an integral part of the cover to prevent dust and water from entering the phone. If you think that this “door” may compromise the water- and dust-resistant property of the phone, try to call Samsung or bring it to a Samsung shop so a professional technician can do it for you. There’s just no way to circumvent this process.


Samsung Galaxy S5 missing Car Mode app

Problem: S Voice has a feature called Voice Wakeup but it doesn’t work due to the fact that the S5 doesn’t have a certain feature that the Note 3 and 4 have called Car Mode or Drive Mode. Was this a FUBAR by Samsung or what? — Joel

Troubleshooting: Hi Joel. Is your service provider AT&T? If you have an AT&T phone, Samsung’s stock Car Mode app has been replaced by their own app called Drive Mode, which, by the way works differently. Just go over the apps you have on the phone and look for it. Drive Mode’s icon shows the front visibility of a driver while on the road while Samsung’s own Car Mode appears as a green steering wheel on a dark background.

If you are not an AT&T subscriber, simply look for the Car Mode icon and follow our tutorial on how to get Car Mode app started.


How does Samsung Galaxy S5’s memory work

Problem: Good evening. I own a Galaxy S5 Active that shipped with a 16GB memory and I added a SD card into the phone. Can you explain how the S5 Active utilizes memory? I have some apps that indicate that they’ll load on to the SD Card, which I’d like to use as I’m always short of memory.  Is this the old Central storage, extend, expanded memory that we had on PCs many many years ago? Thank you! — Bill

Troubleshooting: Hi Bill. Your question appears to focus more on storage management rather than memory management. Technically, memory is distinct from storage in terms of function. We can picture storage like an office lateral file cabinet where we store our paperwork and other stuff. It’s a good place to keep our files but we don’t go there to edit or read them. Memory functions more like your desk where you do your editing and reading because you can them there efficiently. Android-speak, memory is the temporary storage where your device keep files necessary to access apps faster. Also known as RAM (Random Access Memory), this type of storage is also known as internal memory that gets wiped out upon reboot. Your phone uses RAM to store temporary parameters while its on so that it doesn’t have to go back to an external storage device like your 16GB SD card every time it wants to open a frequently-used app. If RAM becomes low because of multiple apps running simultaneously, it results to the phone becoming perceptibly slow in doing some functions or even crashing.

While there are a legion of task killer apps in Google Play Store to supposedly help you manage RAM to acceptable levels, there is really no need to concern yourself with that issue because your Android operating system is designed to optimize RAM. This means that even if your phone’s RAM has reached over 80%, as long as there is no perceptible performance issues, it should still be good to go. Because Android operating system is also designed to be gentle on the battery, RAM usage is used up to its highest tolerable level to minimize forcing the phone from opening apps by accessing external storage every time. As you can see, reading already stored information in RAM is more power efficient than reading from the storage device. Android engineers exploit this fact to save power on the battery as well as speed up performance.

Keep in mind that there is also what we call ROM or internal storage. It’s technically just another important storage in your phone that keeps the operating system files and app data. This is not re-writable, unlike RAM, and doesn’t get erased after a reboot. In an Android environment, storage usually refers to an external memory commonly known SD card so in storage management, we may have to refer to either ROM (internal storage) or your SD card (external storage) or both, depending on what type of storage device the phone has. Remember, RAM keeps data temporarily while both ROM and SD card store them permanently.

To answer your question, we need only to manage your permanent storage (ROM and SD card). Despite its obvious limitation, data management on Android is not hard and it only needs a user a regular audit to do it effectively. With so many free apps nowadays, your phone’s SD card can easily run out of space quickly if you are not watchful of the remaining space on your storage device. If you are a trigger-happy type who can’t simply help but take pictures of everything and anything anytime, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll get that annoying error message telling you of not enough space on the phone.

Simply put, be mindful of the remaining storage space you have by regularly checking the status of your SD card or phone internal memory unit. If you are fond of  storing large video files, be sure to keep them in your computer or upload them in cloud services so your phone storage has enough remaining space all the time. Uninstalling unused apps can help as well. If you have an option to move files of apps to an external SD card, do it. You don’t want to run out of storage space on your phone because of non-essential apps.


Samsung Galaxy S5 getting the “Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy has stopped” error

Problem: Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and the last few days I get a pop up on the screen saying Samsung has stopped responding. After clicking OK it just returns to the previous screen. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Attached is a screen shot of the message, this happens when I browse the internet or open any of my files. Kind Regards. — Gemma

Troubleshooting: Hi Gemma. This is a general error that indicates that there’s a problem with the phone that we must identify. Sadly, it does not give us any hint where to start our search so the best solution that we can come up here is to ensure first that there is no underlying software problem. Because we have no means of knowing whether or not a rogue app may have introduced a malware to your phone at this point without resorting to the step of performing Safe Mode, we suggest that you do a factory reset right away. If you don’t know how to do it, just follow this link so you’ll be directed to our tutorial page.

Resetting the phone to its factory defaults is essentially deleting everything that you’ve added to the phone after unboxing it so don’t forget to create a back-up copy of your files. If you have a computer, it’s always a good idea to keep a copy of your personal data there in case you will lose your phone, or if you need to do  what we are asking you to do now. After resetting the phone to its factory defaults, your phone should be like brand-new and should work like one. If the problem persists despite having done the reset though, that’s an indication that some hardware components may be causing the error. You must call Samsung or your service provider for replacement.


Samsung Galaxy S5 speaker not working and unable to call and receiving incoming calls

Problem: What’s up guys. So here’s the deal. My phone is about 2 months old and within the past couple of weeks it’s been acting out of sorts. Started with the ear speaker not working during phone calls so I had to use Bluetooth or speaker. Now it won’t let me answer or send calls. The phone reboots itself every time.  I’m hoping it’s nothing too serious and not a defective phone. I had my S3 for over 2 years and never had problems this early.  Any advice will help.  Thanks! — Mmartin2525

Troubleshooting: Hi Mmartin2525. A powerful phone like your S5 cannot just stop working normally all of a sudden so we need to identify where the point of failure starts. Because there are scarce details in your problem description, a good starting point would be reset the phone to its factory defaults. This troubleshooting step will help establish if the issue is primarily software in nature. As mentioned in the previous troubleshooting above, performing this step will erase all personal data on your phone so safeguarding them is important. A factory reset forces the phone to run an uncorrupted Android operating system eliminating the cause of the problem being caused by a software or malware. If this does not resolve the issue though, this means that the phone has to be replaced due to a hardware problem. We don’t provide hardware troubleshooting in this blog because it requires above average knowledge on electronics as well as some special tools which may not be handy for a reader. Calling Samsung, the retailer, or your service provider is the safest route that we suggest when everything boils down to hardware trouble.

An S5 should be covered by a standard 1-year warranty, which also includes a replacement, so you may want to take advantage of this option.


Samsung Galaxy S5 touch screen not working

Problem: Hi there! My name’s Ana, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 that I received only a few months ago. Since I got it I have not exposed it to water or dropped it.

Today I was using it and everything was fine but after the screen timeout turned the screen black once I tried to use it again the screen turned entirely green and won’t work. The green patterns change when screen is lit up repeatedly but do not respond to touch. I attempted to take out the battery a dozen times. It was snowing today but only a few snowflakes fell on the screen and not in any of the sensitive regions. I really hope you could help me out because as far as I know touch screens don’t randomly break. Thank you! — Ana

Troubleshooting: Hi Ana. You’re right about touchscreens not failing out of the blue. We’ve seen the pictures of your screen that you sent us. Based on your problem description, it looks like your phone’s touchscreen has completely failed at this point. We understand that you take care of your phone and it was never water-damaged so this might be a unique problem. In spite of Samsung Galaxy S5’s excellent track record if we consider the millions of units sold worldwide, we simply can’t eliminate with certainty the chance that a handful of units will fail.

Your best bet in this case is to get a replacement either from Samsung or your network provider. You have to tell them that your phone suffers from hardware failure and no normal troubleshooting can be tried.


Samsung Galaxy S5 black screen issue

Problem: Hi there. Hoping you can help me with an issue I’m having with my S5. Sometimes after I answer a call the screen blacks out when I touch it and reappears when I remove my finger. I can sometimes tap it repeatedly and eventually it will press the button I need, but not always. This happens only when I am using an app (any app) when the call comes in, though I don’t know if it happens every time. Have you heard of this before? I use my phone for work calls that need to be answered with a keypad menu, so I end up missing important calls. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. — Annie

Troubleshooting: Hi Annie. There are a few things that we need to try to determine the real cause of this problem. Because you mentioned that the issue appears to exist only when using an app while on a call, let’s start with performing a Safe Mode. This is to help us confirm our suspicion if a rogue app is indeed the root cause. Our own research regarding the specific problem you described to us did not yield any similar issues. We have a catalogue of issues compiled primarily from their letters to us but it looks like yours is unique. There’s a chance that an app may be causing the issue but we need to pinpoint which one is the culprit. So if you already performed Safe Mode, stay in it and uninstall apps one by one starting from the most recently installed. Make sure to test how the phone works after you uninstall an app so as not to remove all legitimate apps.

If you are unable to isolate the cause using Safe Mode, we recommend that you do a factory reset. This is the safest troubleshooting step that we can do, especially if we suspect that there is a software problem involved.

You also want to make sure that the battery is not defective by testing another battery if available.

If any of these things will not identify the cause, then we can assume that the phone is defective. This means that there’s an on-going hardware issue and you must get a replacement phone to resolve the problem.


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