Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 21]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 microphone not working properly

Problem: I just bought a new Galaxy S5 and I discovered a problem I am not sure is fixable. The problem is when I make a call, the person on the other end has trouble hearing me clearly. I sound muffled. I thought it was on their end but I tested it today in my home with another phone and I was shocked that the sound at the phone I was calling was so poor. I tested it by calling my wife’s iPhone and my son’s Samsung Note 3.  Each call had muffled sound.  I went to the Verizon store and we tested it and maybe one out of four tests were seemingly good.  They reset my phone and I tried it again with the same result.  I then called a friend of mine who has an iPhone and he said my sound is muffled.  He stated when I called him on my old iPhone 4, the sound was always good but my new phone was not good.  I called him back on four different galaxy phones in the store with the same result.  I called him on the Note 4 in the store and again the sound was not as good as what I had.  The salesperson then gave me an iPhone and I called my friend back up not telling him I was on an iPhone and he lit up and said I sounded very clear and wondered what I did to fix the problem. I am bummed. 

My son’s Samsung Note 3 sounds very clear as I would expect any phone to sound but the new stuff I tried all sounded bad.  Like I was speaking through a cardboard paper towel roll.  Now, I am wondering if there is a setting that suppresses background noise or something may be causing this.  I could use some advice before I give up on this phone and go back to Apple. I need to hear from you soon because I have a limited time to take this phone back.  I am going in tomorrow afternoon to test it again and if we cannot fix it, then I will ask for a new phone to see if that fixes it.  If not, I will go back to an IPhone. — Ron

Troubleshooting: Hi Ron. We apologize if we cannot publish our answer on time as it appears getting a replacement is time-sensitive for you.

It seems that the reason for this problem has something to do with the phone’s microphone. Try to check the small hole at the bottom of the device where the microphone is located. Use compressed air  to clean the hole and make sure that there are no visible crumbs or object blocking the sound coming in. After that, try to clear the Cache Partition. If you don’t know how to do so, just follow these simple steps:

  • Turn off the device by pressing the Power button and selecting the Power Off option.
  • Press and hold the Home, Power, and Volume Up keys until the phone vibrates.
  • Release the Power button once the phone vibrates.
  • Once the recovery menu appears, release the two other buttons.
  • Use the Volume Down key to highlight Wipe cache partition and press the Power button to select it.

If your phone is connected to any Bluetooth accessory or device, make sure to turn it off to check if it will make any difference.

If the problem persists, it means that the phone’s microphone may be defective. Call Samsung or your service provider for a replacement.


Samsung Galaxy S5 missing some features

Problem: I love being able to connect my S5 to my 2010 Camaro using Bluetooth so I can listen to the radio but it automatically shuts off when I get a call. I can also, obviously, then have a phone conversation through my car’s audio system. The problem is that I have to disconnect from my car for any of the phones voice features to work. Navigation for example, or Google Now, doesn’t pick up my voice. I can’t, therefore speak an address for directions while driving. I have to pull over and type it in or turn off Bluetooth to say the location I want directions to. It seems like it switches to the car’s microphone, which isn’t active if you’re not on a call, and mutes the phones mic. I also have to switch Bluetooth from the car’s phone connection to another multimedia music connection to hear navigation through the speakers. I’d really love to be able to listen to the radio and have the navigation cut in when there’s a turn to take and still make calls.  I’d think that’s the kind of integration this is meant for. If I connect multimedia, it’s navigation or music, nothing else — meaning music, like MP3s, that are on my phone and not the car stereo. 

Hitting the microphone picture in an app does not appear to unmute the phone’s microphone or turn on my car’s own microphone.  Hitting the steering wheel button for calls only allows me to use the car’s voice command system to make a phone call. This would be AWESOME to fix! I bet others have similar issues. — Joe

Troubleshooting: Hi Joe. The way we see it, Samsung’s Car Mode was designed to give users very little to do while using it. By that we mean the app itself is very simple. The icons are large enough even for an 80-year old sitting behind the steering wheel and its features are very basic. The app allows voice command to further lessen the effort of users to, say, make a call or send a message while driving.

When it comes to playing music, Car Mode has a different stroke for some folks. Unfortunately, the functionality that you are looking for here appears to be missing. Try to look up our short guide about Samsung’s Car Mode by following this link. In this short post, we cover almost all the things that you can do with this app. If you think there are some serious misses design-wise, try to let Samsung know about it by emailing them directly. Who knows you may be able to see your suggestion incorporated in the next installment of Car Mode in the future devices of Samsung.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Messaging app not working

Problem: I am having trouble with Messager app. It opens but when you go and type it freezes and is real slow to open or look through messages. I have rest my phone and shut it off over night but the problem only happens in Messager. The keypad works fine in email and everything else. Any suggestions on what to do to fix the problem? — Ryan 

Troubleshooting: Hi Ryan. By Messager do you mean the built-in messaging app one uses to send a text message? If you are, have you tried using another messaging apps to help you isolate the problem? If you don’t wish to install other messaging apps, try to clear the cache of the messaging app and see if it makes a difference. If you don’t know how to clear an app’s cache, just try these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Open Application Manager.
  • Search the app under All tab.
  • Tap on the desired app.
  • Select Force Stop, Clear Cache, and Clear Data options. Make sure to press the buttons in this order.
  • Restart the phone and open the messaging app as normal.

Clearing the app cache helps ensure that the phone is not burdened by a corrupt set of files needed to open the said app faster. If this step will not resolve the issue, try to reset the phone to its factory defaults. Performing a factory reset can work wonders for a wide range of issues, especially those being caused by a malfunctioning software.


Samsung Galaxy S5 SD card slot pins not working

Problem: Hi there. I just replaced my Samsung Galaxy S5 with a new one, as my screen was damaged. My 64GB Samsung SD card works perfectly fine in my old phone.  The new phone does not recognize it at all.  I literally have my life on here (but I can still back it up because it’s working).

Can you think of any reason why it would not work in the new phone? When I look at the SD card slot…it’s bent or broken. Would that have an impact if the pins face down? Many thanks! — Steph

Troubleshooting: Hi Steph. If other devices can still detect and access the contents of your SD card, that means that the card itself is not the problem. If you have another SD card, try inserting it on your new phone to help you identify if it’s really a phone problem. If that’s the case, don’t waste your time trying to fix it. Just get a replacement phone again.

To answer your query, misplaced contact pins in the SD card slot of an S5 does affect how the phone interacts with the card. If there are bent contact pins on the phone, it’s a clear indicator of a hardware issue.

Also, make sure to create a copy of all your personal data in your SD card first before trying to connect it to your phone again. After inserting it, make sure to format the SD card using the phone and see if it will work.


FM transmitter on Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi. My name is Randy. I read your posts regularly and really like them. You are doing a wonderful job.

I got a Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H last year around November. It was working fine. I have some questions that are pestering me for a couple of months now. I am using Nokia N900 before I change it to Galaxy Note 1 and now to Galaxy S5. In my old Nokia N900 there is one app called “FM Transmiter” that I use to hear music played in my phone on radio FM. Is there a software that can do this with S5?

Any help in this will be highly appreciated. Thanks. — Randy

Troubleshooting: Hi Randy. The feature you are looking for is technically not available in your Samsung Galaxy S5 because it requires not only an app to work but a special chip or hardware component as well. Your old N900 had a built-in chip that allowed it to both receive and transmit radio signals. This means that the feature you are looking for here requires a combination of hardware and software to work.

There are apps in Google Play Store that may allow you do the same thing but they still need you to buy a special hardware accessory. You can try checking TuneLink Auto in Google Play Store and see if it satisfies you.


Samsung Galaxy S5 reboots when watching videos

Problem: Hello, my Galaxy S5 restarts itself almost every time I’m watching a video on it. Sometimes it happens on other apps but its making me concerned. The phone would freeze but audio would play fine, then the screen goes black and then i feel the vibration indicating the phone is powering on. Would you know what’s causing this? It would be helpful if you could help. Thanks. — Mr. Taco

Troubleshooting: Hi Mr. Taco. Are you using a specific app like YouTube when watching videos? If you are, then most probably it’s an app problem. There are a handful of possible reasons why a phone reboots randomly. We’ll try to go over each one so we can guide you on what you need to do to isolate the cause.

Random reboot due to apps. Sometimes, even minor software glitch on an app can cause the phone’s operating system to act weirdly. Users will not normally know this is happening unless the phone starts showing signs like random reboots, crashes, or errors. To determine if a particular app is the culprit, perform Safe Mode so your phone will prevent third party apps from running. While in Safe Mode, try to uninstall the most recent app you’ve installed or the one that you’ve downloaded prior to noticing the problem.

Random reboots due to a faulty battery. If the phone is suffering from a battery issue, the common indicators that users will notice are significantly fast power drain, phone rebooting itself, and sometimes overheating. If you have instances when you have to charge the phone sooner than you normally do, there’s a chance that the battery may have gone bad. Try using another battery and see if that will fix the issue.

Random reboots due to improperly working operating system. Your phone’s Android version can cause the phone to reboot if it is corrupted. Sometimes, incompatible firmware updates can result to a few issues including your phone to reset itself.

We recommend that you try to reset the phone to factory defaults so the phone will run a clean operating system. This step usually resolves many issues.

Just be careful to save a copy of personal data first before doing it.


Samsung Galaxy S5 email showing multiple inboxes

Problem: Hi. I hope you can help.  I have Comcast email on my Samsung Galaxy S5 cell and for some reason there are 11 extra INBOX folders for the account.  How can I get rid of them and what did I do wrong so I won’t do it again.  Thank you. — Sharon

Troubleshooting: Hi Sharon. Have you checked your email’s webmail version to see if you have created extra folders there? If you have no idea how to access your webmail account, please call Comcast and have them walk you through how to do it. If there are no extra folders in your webmail, that means that the problem is probably being caused by a glitch on the email app. Try to reconfigure your email on the app and see if that will make any difference. Otherwise, simply reinstall the email app. That should resolve the issue.


Samsung Galaxy S5 not getting SMS from iPhones

Problem: Hi. I am having a problem getting messages from iPhones. I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S5 and whenever I am on a wireless network and receive a SMS from an iPhone I am prompted to download the message. However, the messages never download while I am on a Wi-Fi network. I can only download the messages by switching to my mobile data network and then downloading, which is annoying and not always possible at my work where mobile coverage is shady. Is  there a way to fix this? Thanks. — Daniel

Troubleshooting: Hi Daniel. This is an on-going issue for T-Mobile subscribers and it looks like there’s no clear answer from your service provider about the cause of this problem yet. It would be best if T-Mobile specialists assists you regarding the matter because as far as we know, it’s definitely a network issue.


Samsung Galaxy s5 Heart Rate Monitor not working

Problem: Hi! I was having a problem with S health on my Galaxy S5 Mini. I looked up why this keeps happening and found an article you guys wrote about it. I used to have that problem, but it’s fixed and I now have an even bigger problem. Every time I go away from my house, my Heart Rate Monitor doesn’t work. Then I have to disable the app, enable it again, and then I get an update for S health. This has happened constantly and I keep doing that to get S Health to work. If you know how I can get rid of this bug, that would be great. Thanks! — Owen 

Troubleshooting: Hi Owen. Have you tried performing a factory reset on your phone? If you haven’t, now is the time to do it. Also, try to update the operating system that you have to see if that will fix it.

We tried to dig deeper into your problem by checking our list issues as well as the popular forums on the web but could not find anything similar to your Heart Rate Monitor issue. If there is no underlying software issue, then it may be a hardware glitch. We will continue to research on the subject though so we can update this post for you and for other readers that may yet to encounter the problem.


How to lift 20-person limit in group messaging app in Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: Hi there. I need to send the same SMS message to more than 20 people at the same time – so group texting is required. I’ve created a group comprising 72 contacts and assigned a name to the group. When I try to send an SMS to this group the phone will only allow 20 contacts to be loaded!

I’ve downloaded the Chomp SMS App but when I try to send a text using this app to the group it only imports 62 or so of the contacts. It won’t pull in some of the contacts. All contacts have mobile numbers assigned to them. So do you think I have 2 different issues here?

Would love to use the standard phone app for sending group SMS with more than 20 people in the group. What could be wrong that chomp won’t take all in all the contacts from the group? Thank you. — John


Troubleshooting: Hi John. Samsung Galaxy S5’s group messaging feature is bound by a 20-person limit by design so there’s really no way to override it. Other third party group messaging apps may give you a bigger number of contacts to send SMS to but we don’t a list of these apps right now. We know that Chomp SMS App allows sending of a text message to over 50 recipients at once but we are not sure if there’s a way to accommodate your need.

PhoneArena has posted a nice article about some of the top group messaging apps available in Google Play Store today. We recommend that you follow this link and see what app works best for you.


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