Samsung Galaxy S5 Problems, Glitches, Questions, Errors and Solutions [Part 18]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 overheating tips

Problem: Ever since I downloaded the latest Samsung update I have had issues with my Galaxy s5 phone. It runs hot. The battery is overheating and it runs slow sometimes freezing up. I have cleared caches regularly as I always have. I know it has to do with the latest update as I have had little to trouble before the update. Any ideas? I’m using Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone. — Cemebe 

Troubleshooting: Hi Cemebe. Updates are not supposed to cause freezing or overheating issues on smartphones but it’s a known fact they may become trigger for an entirely different issue. If you suspect that the update may be to blame for your woes here, try to reset the phone to its factory defaults and see how it goes after that.

Otherwise, try to treat the issue as being caused by something else. The symptoms that you mentioned–overheating and freezing–can be caused by some other factors including but not limited to rogue apps, failing hardware, defective battery, and exposure to a heat source.

As with other electronic devices nowadays, the old medical adage still rings true–prevention is better than cure. Overheating and freezing problems can be prevented, even eliminated if we follow some tested tips.

We outline these said tips below. You may notice that they are not new and may even sound familiar to you at this point.

Use power saving mode. Samsung has recognized the inherent weakness of their flagship phone’s battery by giving you options on how to conserve battery power in your S5. Using power saving or the more powerful Ultra power saving mode not only allows you to use your phone longer by saving juice on your battery but they can also lessen the chance of your device from overheating. These two modes will force your smartphone to limit performance, thus directing the CPU to run slower than normal, minimizing power consumption but also producing lesser heat. So, if you haven’t tried using any of the power saving modes, you want to begin right now. Use it and see the difference.

Use original Samsung battery. We believe that your phone is still using the battery from Samsung but for the sake of education, using a non-Samsung battery on an S5 may give more headaches than benefits in the long run. While rare, there had been some cases when smartphone (including non-Samsung ones) were damaged from overheating because their owners opted to save a few dollars on a counterfeit battery.

Turn off non-necessary/unused features. This covers every feature in your phone that you don’t use often. If you are always on the go and on a data plan, turning off your Wi-Fi can help the processor slow down. Unused features, if left enabled, use your phone’s resources that may otherwise be directed to other functions the phone needs.

Checking your phone’s system usage report regularly will give you a good picture of what features or apps eat up resources consistently. If you think they are not needed, turning them off can remove pressure from your phone’s processors, which, in turn, results to a lower chance of overheating.

Keep your phone away from any heat source. This may sound obvious and self-explanatory but we think it’s worth mentioning here. Any gadget left near a heat source or exposed to heat can not last long. Leaving your phone in a hot car during the day will not only jeopardize the phone components but can also damage the battery altogether. If left exposed from heat for even just a few minutes, a battery can become too hot that it may deform and may lose its ability to hold a charge. During charging periods, try to avoid doing it inside a hot room.

Darken the phone’s screen. Reducing the screen’s brightness not only saves power but also reduces the workload of the CPU.

Avoid playing graphics-heavy games. HD games are demanding. If you are fond of playing games, especially those ones that looks stunning on the screen, chances are your phone is having trouble meeting the requirements. Ease up on the processor by changing the screen settings or video settings of your games if available.

Check for malware. An average smartphone user does not usually have the means to know if a device has been infected by a virus or not. Rogue apps are some of the common causes why a smartphone overheats. They usually run in the background all the time, constantly trying to communicate to a remote server without the user’s knowledge. If you think your phone is infected, performing Safe Mode to help you isolate which app is causing it, or resetting the device to its factory defaults can ensure that malware are removed.


Samsung Galaxy S5 side button not working

Problem: Hey guys. I have an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S5. Randomly when I hit the button on the side of the phone to wake it up it does not respond.  The bottom buttons light up but the screen does not.  I have had this issue when trying to answer calls as well. The phone will ring but the screen stays black is not responsive. Any ideas? Thanks. — Sam

Troubleshooting: Hi Sam. Did you install any app prior to noticing the problem? If you did, try to bring your phone in Safe Mode and test the button. We are not aware of any malware or app that may cause this problem but performing Safe Mode is an indispensable method to check if a rogue app is the cause. You want to reset the phone to its factory defaults if the problem continue after performing Safe Mode. Once, the phone has been reset, make sure that it runs the latest software update provided by your carrier. You may want to check with your service provider what should be the most recent system update version on your S5.

We did some digging on some other sites regarding the problem but we can’t seem to find anything similar. We hope that you do not have a broken button, but if that’s the case your only remaining solution is to get the phone replaced.


Samsung Galaxy S5 screen rotation stopped working

Problem: I’ve got a screen rotation problem I need help with. Everything was working fine until the latest update from Samsung. I have an S5 G900V phone. The latest update I received was SM-G900V-NI2 to NK2 on 12/24/2014 Android version 4.4.4. Once that update was installed screen rotation quit. I tried turning it on and off in settings with no success. After some reading on the internet I tried the soft reset by taking the battery out for 30 seconds and that worked for a short time but within an hour it would seemingly become disabled again even though in settings it showed to be activated. Now, even by taking the battery out it will not work. The screen rotation in settings is active but it will not function. I have read some things about other ways to check the gyro is functioning but I have a Verizon phone and those options are not accessible. Any ideas as to how to make this work again? — Mike

Troubleshooting: Hi Mike. We are yet to determine if other Verizon customers are having the same issue. We had some few readers months ago asking help about screen rotation but we were able to determine that it was not due to a bug in the system update file. The problem is probably unique to your unit. An effective method to check if the phone’s gyroscope is functioning or not is by doing a self-test. You can do this by pressing the code “*#0*#” (without the quotation marks) on your dial pad. Once you are in the service mode screen, tap on “sensors” and do a self test.

If Verizon disabled the option to access the service screen, then your only recourse here is to reset the phone to its factory defaults. You may want to check this issue with your service provider first though as they may know by now that the problem exists and have some solution for you.

An out-of-the-box tip from some readers suggests whacking the phone on the back of your hand to give your phone a gentle jolt. If you want to take the risk, you may want to do that. Just be careful not to overdo it.


NFC on Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t turn on

Problem: Hello DroidGuy. I just got my Galaxy S5 and I love it. However, I noticed that the NFC won’t turn on even after resetting the phone several times. I don’t know what to do at this point. I want to use NFC to share photos with my daughter but it won’t function. Are there any settings I need to change to enable it? I think everything related to NFC has been enabled. When I go Settings then NFC, I make sure that the slider on top is enabled. I have Android Beam and S Beam turned on and off and both times the NFC fails to work. Please help and thanks in advance. — Rara

Troubleshooting: Hello Rara. By NFC won’t turn on, do you mean that nothing happens when you try to touch the two devices together? NFC works in tandem with Android Beam so this feature must be on both devices that are trying to share information. If Android Beam is disabled, NFC’s capability will become limited. If your daughter’s phone has NFC and Android Beam enabled, both devices should be able to share photos smoothly. To activate your phone’s NFC, just follow these steps below:

  • Go to Apps
  • Tap Settings
  • Scroll to and tap NFC
  • Tap the NFC slider to enable it. By doing this, Android Beam should automatically turn on. If Android Beam does not turn on automatically, just tap it.

There are a few indicators that you will encounter if the NFC function as well as Android Beam are working correctly on the devices. If you are not getting any of these indicators, there’s a good chance that the NFC chip on your phone may not be working properly:

  • Audio and haptic feedback for a successful connection of the devices
  • Audio feedback when the file transfer has been completed

Keep in mind that NFC will not work if any of the devices is locked or at sleep mode. Also, if you separate the devices before the beaming has started, file transfer will not happen and will appear that NFC has failed.

We are not aware of any NFC-related problems on an S5 so the problem that you have might have something to do with your phone only. Try to contact Samsung or your service provider and see if they can offer you a replacement phone instead.


Mac cannot connect to Samsung Galaxy S5 hotspot

Problem: Hi Guys. I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy S5 as a hotspot to my Mac and it’s worked beautifully. However, ever since my phone had a software upgrade, I can no longer connect to it. My laptop picks up the signal but can’t connect. Please advise? Thanks in advance. Kind regards. — Marlon

Troubleshooting: Hi Marlon. Is this problem only happening to your Mac? Try to connect another device to your hotspot and see if works so you’ll know if the problem is only isolated to your computer. If it appears that only the Mac is having trouble going online despite being connected to your hotspot, try checking the TCP/IP settings under the Network pane. To do this on your Mac, just follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Apple icon
  • Go to System Preferences
  • Select Network under the View menu
  • Select Wi-Fi
  • Select Advanced button
  • Select TCP/IP tab and click on Renew DHCP Lease
  • Click OK

If the steps above won’t work, try to contact Apple support for a more exhaustive network troubleshooting.


Samsung Galaxy S5 messaging app keeps on crashing

Problem: Hi. My name is Brian and I’ve had my Galaxy S5 for almost a year now and barely yesterday my message apps have been crashing. I was using this other app to message until it started to not send or receive messages so I deleted it and tried to go back to the normal regular message app but every time I click on it the app would crash, turn black, freeze my phone, and would tell me that it crashed. I’d be using it for like a minute and my phone would restart by itself when I’m in the middle of something. I don’t know if it’s because I have way too much messages with a person because I text message them everyday and never delete my messages. Please help. And I read that I’d have to restore my phone. Is there any other way that i can fix it because I do not want to lose my things. Please email me ASAP. Thank You. — Brian

Troubleshooting: Hi Brian. Hopefully, the problem is only isolated to the messaging apps that you have because we clearing the apps’ cache or data can easily resolve it. Otherwise, the next solution that we suggest is to factory reset your phone. If you don’t know how to clear the cache and data of an app, just follow the following steps:

  • Go to Home screen
  • Tap on Apps
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Applications
  • Tap Application manager and swipe left or right to the appropriate screen. You should have the following screens: Downloaded, SD card, Running, All.
  • Find the messaging app
  • Press Clear Data
  • Tap OK
  • Hit Clear cache


Unable to remove Towelroot from Samsung Galaxy S5

Problem: I’ve had my S5 since May of 2014 and it has worked fine. I did root my phone however with the Towelroot exploit that was so popular. However, sometime last year, an update was pushed through and it took away the root on my phone, which is fine really. But now the Bluetooth update will not install (gets halfway and then shows error). And I’ve found on some of the info that shows how to uninstall the Towelroot exploit by downloading superuser but when I downloaded it, it said that it could not run (something specific, but it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve tried it and I don’t remember specific terminology). Is there any help you have or can give to get things back to normal? Thanks in advance. — RayJ

Troubleshooting: Hi RayJ. The Towelroot exploit was abandoned by its developer after he was hired by Google so we cannot expect any more support for it at this time. If you are unable to fully uninstall it from your phone, try to restore the phone to its factory defaults. We have no better solutions to get rid of Towelroot than this. By doing a full factory reset, you will also be assured that all Bluetooth functionalities will be back to normal.


Samsung Galaxy S5 SD card not detected

Problem: Hi, I am having issues with my Samsung S5 phone. It told me my SD card had failed and that I lost my data. I recovered my pictures and saved them, then tried to use the same card again. It kept failing. I read online that it might be card, as it was a cheap one, so I ordered a Samsung 32 GB card. I cannot get my phone to format it. I go into my storage setting, choose format SD card, I get the prompt about it deleting all my data, continue? There is only a box that says delete all. I choose it, as it is a new SD card, it says it is unmounting the SD card, then shows I have 29.80GB of storage space. When I try to install an app that has been grayed out and says SD by it, it says it is an incompatible update. Also, when I go into my Gallery and try to move my photos to my SD card, I can’t even find the SD card to move it to. I realize most of these problems are user errors, but I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks. — Sherri

Troubleshooting: Hi Sherri. It’s highly unlikely that the second SD card that you have is also not working properly, especially that it’s an original Samsung card. It appears to us that the phone is most likely causing the issue here but it’s always a good thing to try to dig down a little deeper. If you have an SD card reader, try to format the Samsung card on your computer. After that, try using that card on another smartphone or gadget to see if it works or not. If that SD works on another device, your S5 may be having trouble detecting an inserted SD card. This can mean that there’s either an issue with connectors that touches the SD card, or a software bug is at play. At this time, it would be hard to tell which is causing the issue so we want to narrow down the possible causes. Performing a factory reset can help ensure that you are running a good operating system. If that doesn’t work, consider yourself one of the unlucky ones affected by this rare problem. Getting a replacement phone may be the best option left for you.

In the meantime, we will continue to monitor this case so we will know if other S5 users are reporting a similar problem.

Shoot us an email if you think we can be of help any further.


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  1. Disabling NFC does not work on the galaxy note 5. I have a phone case that has pockets for cards because samsung pay still hasn’t come to Canada. When watching a movie on netflix I open the case and flip the flap of the case to the back so that I can hold the phone properly while watching. When the cards are at the back of the phone the NFC re-enables it’s self and starts beeping, which also pauses the movie. I know this might seem a little picky, but my concern would be is that anyone could in theory put a card to the back of my phone and enable NFC even though I have disabled it. It is also really annoying.

  2. You can fix screen rotation by waking up the gyro. .. wave the phone in the gyro calibration pattern… to and from twice, twist back an forth twice, wave side to side twice. Essentially side to side about each axis, x , y ,z. .. twice. Repeat three times. Do it again if it doesn’t work the first there cycles. Irritating, but easier than hard reboot. Which I did twice, to no avail.

  3. I don’t know if this is the place to write about my problem, but i’ll try anyway. my galaxy s5 wants to update Beaming Service for Samsung, but i cannot even find it anywhere on my phone. It’s not in the list of apps or the list of widgets, and i cannot find it with S Finder. I want to try to disable or delete it, and i know may not work, but I cannot find it even if i want to use it, so what good is it?

  4. Hi I have a Samsung s5 and my screen rotation is not working and when I do the self test of the sensors it fails can some money help me to fix it thank you

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