Samsung Galaxy S4 GPE no longer available in the Play Store

Galaxy S4 GPE

Google partnered with Samsung, HTC and later Sony to offer stock Android options of their top end handsets, calling this lineup the Google Play Edition devices. But as the days passed, we saw that OEMs weren’t all that interested in this concept. And today, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has officially exited the list, making the HTC One M8 the last remaining GPE device on Google’s store.

LG launched the GPE version of the G Pad 8.3 through the Play Store last year which has also gone out of sale some time ago. Maybe this is a hint that manufacturers are no longer going to offer stock Android alternatives to their flagship devices.

We’re not sure what the reasons are, but it’s likely that the burden of offering software support for two flagship devices at the same time might have caused concern for the OEMs. So if you’ve wanted a Google Play Edition device in your hands, the HTC One M8 is the only option available, but we’re not sure for how long.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Phandroid