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Report suggests that the Google Play Store outgrew the iOS App Store in 2014

Play Store - Apps 2014

A series of stats compiled by the folks at App Figures reveals that the Google Play Store saw immense growth in 2014, overtaking even the iOS App Store, which is the Play Store’s primary rival in the industry. Google’s vast global popularity means that it has a lot more developers writing apps for the platform.

The number of apps on Android was obviously quite high compared to the competition at 1.43 million, while Apple was at second place with 1.21 million applications running on iOS devices as of 2014. The Amazon App Store on the other hand only has 293,000 apps in its store, but considering that it’s based on a forked version of Android, it’s a significant achievement nonetheless.

Play Store Categories

The developer count for both platforms were pretty high, although Android again was on top here. By the end of 2014, there were 388,000 developers working on the platform while iOS had 282,000 developers. Amazon is nowhere close to the top 2 with a mere 48k developers as of 2014, but the number is steadily increasing.

Play Store Growth Chart

With these numbers, it’s clear that Android has come a long way over the past few years as a mobile platform. What do you make of these figures?

Source: App Figures

Via: Tech Crunch

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