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OnePlus Set To Unveil OxygenOS Rom On Feb. 12


With OnePlus set to unveil something later today at their “Back To Basics” event, they are also teasing another upcoming announcement to happen on February 12.

OnePlus is going to announce their own ROM for Android, which they call the OxygenOS. There’s no word on what will be in this new ROM, but notably it’s a departure from OnePlus’s current use of Cyanogenmod from Cyanogen.

That said, OnePlus and Cyanogen haven’t exactly seen eye to eye in their partnership. While OnePlus has already been struggling to meet demand for their phone, Cyanogen partnered with a manufacturer in India for exclusive rights to their software.

A court ordered OnePlus to remove all Cyanogen branding from devices in India, which caused them to remove the logo globally as well. With all this in play, it’s clear the OnePlus would rather have their own ROM, though Cyanogenmod will probably continue to be supported on the One.

So on February 12th, we should learn about OnePlus’s new OxygenOS ROM and hopefully even be able to download it. With today’s event and the next one, it’s an exciting time to be a OnePlus fan.

Source: OnePlus via Android Central

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