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OnePlus One without Cyanogen branding spotted in the U.S.

OnePlus One without CM

The fact that OnePlus and Cyanogen are not in good terms is a well documented fact. This started off when an “exclusive” Cyanogen OS deal was struck with an Indian manufacturer which restricted the sales of the OnePlus One in the region.

This made OnePlus realize that it cannot depend on Cyanogen forever and will have to start working on its own software. This also meant that future OnePlus One units would ship without the Cyanogen branding on the back.

OnePlus One without Cyanogen -1

A couple of new images reportedly taken in the U.S. are showing exactly that. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given what has transpired over the past two months or so. So does this mean that OnePlus is ready to ship units without Cyanogen OS?

Well, not at this point since the Android 5.0 ROM that it’s working on is still in its early days. However, the company was expected to make the stable build available by January or February at most, so we might not have to wait long after all.

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