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The Nexus 6 could have gotten a fingerprint scanner on the back dimple

Nexus 6 Back

The Nexus 6 was announced some months ago after repeated speculation about Google’s intention to launch a phablet. Subsequent reports however also suggested that Google almost had a fingerprint scanner on the device, but decided against it.

A new report now indicates that if Motorola or Google had gone through with the plan, the fingerprint scanner would have been implanted within the dimple on the back of the smartphone, which also houses the Motorola logo.

The former CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, explains that the supplier for these sensors weren’t quite able to keep up with the quality, which is why Motorola decided against using it. The back would have been an ideal place to have a fingerprint scanner as it’s easily accessible to the users while being held with one hand. Given the enormity of the smartphone, keeping it on the front or lower portion of the device simply didn’t make sense.

It is hoped that Google will changes its mind with this year’s Nexus smartphone and use a fingerprint scanner then. Would you have liked to see a fingerprint sensor on the Nexus 6? Let us know.

Source: The Telegraph

Via: Engadget

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