New video details the functioning of Android 5.0 on a LG G2


LG has already begun the Lollipop update in some parts of the world for the LG G3. But what about the 2013 flagship, the ever popular LG G2? Well, the Korean manufacturer has that device covered as well with a new video popping up online showing the device running on LG’s implementation of Android 5.0.

The video shows various aspects of the Android 5.0 ROM on the handset and we can see that the manufacturer has paid close attention to several aspects of the UI. All we’re waiting for now is an official confirmation from LG about the status of the update.

From what we know, the update will start appearing in all variants of the LG G3 first and will be followed by the company’s other 2014 flagship, the G Pro 2 phablet.

We can expect LG to start rolling out the update to the likes of the LG G2 and the original G Pro sometime after that. Do you like what LG has done with Android 5.0 on the G2? Let us know.

Source: YouTube

Via: Ubergizmo