Need For Speed: No Limits game to charge players for fuel

NFS No Limits

According to a new revelation, the heavily hyped Need For Speed: No Limits game will have one major caveat which could make gameplay quite difficult for players. It has been revealed by a few screenshots that EA will have a system in place which will charge players for fuel.

This works in the same way that stamina works in most mobile games, which would deplete with each game but fill up over time. Users can even opt to get more in game fuel with the help of gold, so there’s heavy reliance on in app purchases as well.

The game is expected to be available shortly, but this revelation might have already come as bad news to some players. The only way EA can build some traction with this game is by making it a free to download game with the ability to make in app purchases.

NFS No Limits -1

We’ll wait for more word on this particular aspect over the coming days. Would you be interested in NFS No Limits if they had a feature like this in place? Drop your thoughts below.

Via: Slash Gear

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