Motorola’s upcoming Lollipop based midrange handsets leaked out

Motorola - Moto G 2014

Motorola could be prepping the launch of a new breed of midrange handsets if a leak is any indication. Known as the Moto G Titan and the Moto E Styx, it is likely that these smartphones are the successors to the 2014 Moto G and the Moto E respectively.

The Moto G Titan is essentially an LTE version of the 2014 Moto G and there are no other distinguishable features on the device. Having the LTE chip on board naturally means that the device will be a little on the bulkier side, with 6 grams of added bulk mentioned. The device will have 8GB of internal storage but there will also be a microSD card slot on board, so it’s not much of a concern.

Moto G Titan

The Moto E Styx is revealed to be packing most of the same internals, but with the addition of an LTE chip and a quad core processor which replaces the dual core unit from the 2014 Moto E. The display size and other hardware features of the smartphone should remain unchanged here.

Moto E Styx

These leaks come courtesy of a UK retailer who pegs the Moto G Titan to be carrying a price tag of £159.95 ($242) while the Moto E Styx will reportedly cost £109.95 ($166), so they’re certainly not going to make a big dent on your wallets.

Source: Argos

Via: GSM Arena