Hyundai to reveal a new Android Wear app at CES 2015

Hyundai Android Wear

Hyundai will reportedly announce a new Android Wear application at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show according to a release issued by the company. The app known as Blue Link will let you lock/unlock the car and even start it from your smartwatch, making it a pretty cool feature to have on a wearable.

The app will make its way to devices sometime in 2015, with Hyundai expected to demonstrate its functioning next week. For this feature to work, customers will need a Hyundai car running the first or second generation Blue Link software. Obviously, the smartwatch will have to be paired with your phone for this to work. Interestingly, the feature also works on voice commands. Here’s what Hyundai had to say about this new feature:

The app is easy to use. The wearer simply taps an icon or uses voice commands to execute remote functions. The Blue Link smartwatch app allows Hyundai owners to remote start, lock and unlock doors as well as find their car in a crowded parking lot. Pushing the microphone icon on the watch activates the voice function, where the driver can execute commands such as “Start my car,” “Lock my car” or “Find my car.”

Source: Hyundai

Via: Android Central

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