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Humble Mobile Bundle 10 goes live with a flurry of new games

Humble Mobile Bundle 10

The Humble Mobile Bundle 10 pack has just gone live, bringing six games along with it. The six games have been split into two, letting users pick whichever game they want. Humble Bundle promises to add more games over time, so you will have access to more than just six games in the coming weeks.

The current average price of $3.74 will fetch you Doodle Kingdom, LYNE, and Buddy & Me. However, if you decide to get a little generous and pay more than the mentioned average price, you can also get Sorcery! 2, King of Dragon Pass and OTTTD as part of the bundle.

Humble Mobile Bundle has been quite popular with Android fans as it offers a wide selection of paid apps at throwaway prices. The best part about the whole process is that customers can divide their spendings between the developers, charity or Humble Bundle.

Hit the link below for more details on the new Humble Bundle for your Android device. It will only last another two weeks, so you might want to hurry.

Source: Humble Bundle

Via: Android Police

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