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HTC believed to have big surprises in store for 2015

HTC One M8

The Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC, Jeff Gordon, has made some interesting announcements on Twitter, looking forward to 2015. According to him, the company has some very exciting and unexpected things to show in 2015, in what is going to be its “best ever” year. He specifies that the company has “some huge surprises that will blow you away“, hinting at a fruitful year for the fans.

It is likely that the Taiwanese manufacturer could be teasing the launch of a smartwatch. Given that Google is encouraging OEMs to support Android Wear, it makes complete sense for HTC to try its hand at the wearable segment. It is also possible that the company will want to launch a new tablet after seeing what it can do with the Nexus 9.

The company is expected to announce a new device at the CES 2015 event next week, with a teaser going up a couple of days ago. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything out of the ordinary there, we hope to get a hint of what’s to come.

Source: @urbanstrata – Twitter

Via: Droid Life

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