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Google Translate to get real time translation soon

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According to reports, the Google Translate app on Android will soon get a real time translation feature. This will work via speech to text and you will have to say out a few words in your native language to have it translated in the foreign language. The New York Times report further suggests that Google will utilize the features of the Word Lens app that Google acquired some time ago.

This app lets users point the camera towards a board or any other text in foreign language to have it translated in real time right next to it. This feature is quite nifty and could go a long way in making the lives of people a lot more convenient.

Microsoft has shown off a real time translation feature with its Skype app, which isn’t available on a global scale yet. But maybe Google could change that with its new translation engine. Further details regarding this new feature are scarce at the moment, but we’re hoping Google will share more information over the coming months.

Source: New York Times

Via: Phandroid

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