Google offering $300,000 to French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo to reach its print goal

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The horrific terror attack at Charlie Hebdo’s office in France left 12 people dead, 8 of whom were journalists. Following this incident, the team at Charlie Hebdo has decided to print 1 million copies of its magazine for the next issue, which is a signficant increase over its usual volume of 60,000. This obviously means the expenses will be quite a lot for the magazine to handle which is why major tech companies have been offering donations to ensure that Charlie Hebdo functions as usual.

Google is the latest to contribute towards the cause, offering $300,000 to the Digital Press Fund. The fund has also received offerings from The Guardian which has offered $150,000 while regional media organizations like Le Monde, France Télévisions and Radio France have also donated. The French government has already offered $1.2 million towards the publication, showing its undying support towards free speech.

Following Google’s donation, we should expect other tech firms to follow given the widespread outrage these attacks caused. The show must go on, as they say.

Source: The Guardian

Via: 9to5Google

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