Google Classroom app makes its way to the Play Store

Google Classroom

Google has just brought the Google Classroom app to the Play Store, letting Android users get in on the fun. The app basically allows teachers and students to interact with each other similar to how an actual classroom works, but directly through the app. Teachers and students are marked with their Google account and can share or submit important content like homework or assignments right through the app.

Schools can use Google Classroom for free and the app isn’t marred with ads either, which is a commendable move by Google. Teachers can ask students to get some assignments done by a specific time and students can find all the pending home work and assignments from a To-Do section within the app.

Teachers can track each student’s progress and growth in real time. Setting up an account should be pretty easy as well, so overall this is a good app to have for schools.

All the files and data used in Google Classroom will be stored in a dedicated folder on Google Drive, so you can access them from practically anywhere. Hit the link below to download the app on your Android smartphone/tablet.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Android Police