Chromecast Is Now The #1 Streaming Device In The US

chromecast with box

As part of Google’s financial call for the Q4 of 2014, they also revealed some interesting tidbits about the Chromecast, their streaming stick, which has been out since July 2013.

According to Google CBO Omid Kordestani, they just surpassed the milestone of users pressing the Cast button one billion times. Chromecast usage has also increased by 60% since the device launched, no doubt due to the number of apps now supporting the service.

Also, according to numbers shared to Google by the analyst group NPD, the Chromecast is was the Number 1 streaming device in the US in 2014. So not only are existing customers using the device more, more people are also buying them.

If you’re interested in more results from Google’s financial call, you can read our summary of the report here. If you would like to purchase a Chromecast, they’re available from a wide variety of retailers including Google Play, AmazonBest Buy, and more.

Via: Android Central