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Celebrate 2015 with your loved ones using Google’s new Hangouts emoji

Hangouts New Year

Google always has a good sense of humor when it comes to celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or a holiday. The company recently added new emojis on Hangouts which would display colorful characters when you type out something like “Happy Birthday” or something as random as “Woot”. And as we welcome 2015, Google has decided to add an emoji for the “Happy New Year” greeting as well.

Interestingly, Google added this particular emoji or easter egg some days ago in preparation for the new year. Facebook has its very own new year themed selfie frame on its Messenger app, so it’s only natural that Google would like to join in on the action too.

If you’re new to this emoji concept, all you have to do is type out a set of predetermined words and enjoy the cute animations. Apart from the aforementioned words, you can also type in words like “Hahahaha” or “Hehehehe” to get the desired result. Go ahead and give it a go.

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