Vulnerability on Skype for Android lets others spy on you

Skype Android

Users have discovered a new bug on Skype for Android, which reportedly allows prying eyes to spy on their conversations. Microsoft is already believed to have acknowledged this bug which means that a fix should be on its way to devices fairly soon.

A user on Reddit explains how this process works:

  1. Have 2 devices signed into your skype account. Desktop and phone will do.
  2. Call the target’s Android Skype account with device 1.
  3. Disconnect device 1 from it’s (sic) net connection as the target phone is ringing.
  4. Target phone will immediately call you back.
  5. Pick up with device 2.

It’s quite strange that such a massive vulnerability has been left open with an app like Skype, but at the same time, it’s good to know that Microsoft and the Skype team are trying to fix this issue at the earliest.

So if you use Skype on your Android device, we suggest you hold off for a bit until an update is issued.

Source: Reddit

Via: Microsoft News

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