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Update to the Chromecast app brings screen cast feature to KitKat devices


Google has just introduced a new update to the Chromecast app on Android bringing the much awaited Material Design UI to the application. Apart from the visual changes, the update also brings the Screen Cast feature for devices running Android 4.4 and higher. This feature was previously limited to only Android 5.0 running smartphones and tablets.

The Screen Cast feature can be accessed from within the Chromecast app if you have a device running Android 4.4.2. Lollipop users on the other hand have a dedicated Quick Settings icon to enable Screen Cast, so they probably won’t find much use for this particular addition.

Chromecast Material Design

So to sum up, the Chromecast app now adheres with Google’s Material Design philosophy and allows users of Android KitKat to mirror their phones conveniently on the big screen. Google stresses that this feature is still relatively new, so it might not work as seamlessly as on newer hardware. Are you seeing the update on your smartphone yet? If not, you can manually download the apk from the link below.

Download Link

Via: Android Police

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