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T-Mobile Creates A New Plan And Brings Back An Old One


In a move that’s likely to counter the deals offered by their competitors, T-Mobile is once again launching new deals for families on data plans. They’re even discounting the truly unlimited data plans.

First, T-Mobile is bringing back a familiar promotion. During the past summer of 2014, T-Mobile ran an offer for a family of four to get 10 GB of data for $100 per month. This deal is back, and it’s exactly the same.

If you choose this plan, each person gets 2.5 GB of LTE data before their speed is slowed. When 2016 starts, the non-throttling data limit is lowered to 1 GB. But for $100 per month (before device installment fees and various taxes), it’s a good deal.

Of course, if you want more data, this new deal is a much better option. For just $100 per month for two lines, families will have unlimited everything. This includes data, which will not be throttled. If you want additional lines, it’s $40 per line. So for a family of four, it would be a base of $180 before installment plans and taxes.

This plan, unlike the 10 GB deal, will never have the data amount per user lowered. Once you sign up for this plan, it will be permanent unless you decide to change it. So for families who want unlimited data, this is by far your best option.

Both deals are only offered for a limited time, so if you want either plan getting to a T-Mobile store or using their website would be wise. They still pay your ETF as well, so switching will be easy. What do you think of T-Mobile’s deal offers?

Source: T-Mobile via Android Central

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