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Sony shows off new Google Glass like wearable

Sony Google Glass

With Google Glass yet to go mainstream, Sony has decided to show something of its own. Known as the Single Lens Display Module, the device looks pretty identical to Glass in terms of design. The hardware underneath isn’t too different from Google’s offering either, so there are barely any surprises here.

One crucial difference with the device however is its ability to fit into just about any pair of lenses or shades, meaning that it can be used over your current set of lenses rather than being used as a standalone device.

It is still some distance away from going official, but Sony expects to give users a brief glimpse of the device at next month’s CES 2015 event. The mass produced version of this device should be out in the market by later next year. Naturally, Sony has been relatively quiet about other features of the device and the pricing. But we expect to get more information on that as we head toward 2015.

Source: Sony

Via: Android Police

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