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Snapdragon 810 related issues could delay the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6

Snapdragon 810

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to take the world markets by storm next year. A new report however, suggests otherwise with word on a possible delay in the launch of the handset. It is said that due to some issues seen on the Snapdragon 810 chipset, devices like the Galaxy S6 as well as the LG G4 could face delays.

The chipset reportedly suffers from overheating related issues at certain voltage levels, which could hinder the user experience to a great extent. The integrated Adreno 430 GPU on board the Snapdragon 810 is reportedly seeing some issues with the RAM controller. So it seems like Qualcomm has to make some serious changes to the chipset before it reaches mass production.

Qualcomm was originally supposed to supply the chip by mid 2015, but with OEMs hurrying to get the latest and greatest chipset running on their upcoming flagships, Qualcomm is believed to have sped up the process. OEMs are eager to make use of Snapdragon 810 as it utilizes the 64-bit CPU architecture, while the Snapdragon 805 doesn’t. The urgency is understandable as Android 5.0 officially enables support for 64-bit CPUs.

Source: Business Korea

Via: Sam Mobile

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