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Samsung selling the Gear VR through its website for $200

Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is now available for purchase in the U.S. through Samsung’s official online store as well as AT&T, with a price tag of $199. You can walk up to a Best Buy outlet to get a personal demonstration of the device as well, which is recommended considering that this is a relatively new concept for many.

AT&T’s online listing mentions that this device is available “web only”, so you might not find it in the carrier’s retail outlets. Bear in mind that you need a Galaxy Note 4 to use the device, so getting the Gear VR without one simply doesn’t make sense.

For the $200 price tag, Samsung will be offering a 16GB microSD card packed with a plethora of media content. This card has to be slotted into the Galaxy Note 4 which then needs to be connected to the wearable. In this microSD card users can find the following content:

  • Step inside Tony Starks’ Lab inside the Avengers’ Tower experience
  • IMAX samples of Hollywood films and documentaries
  • DreamWorks VR Characters
  • Pacific Rim Jaeger Pilot
  • Cirque Du Soleil’s Zarkana filmed in 360-degree fashion for Samsung Gear VR
  • Music videos from Vevo that can be viewed within the virtual movie theater
  • Protocol Zero game from DENA makes you kick*** infiltrator with Sam Fisher-like thermal and night vision goggles

So if you own a Galaxy Note 4, the Gear VR is quite a sweet accessory to have, even for the $200 price tag. We hope Samsung will add more devices to the compatibility list in the coming days.

Source: AT&T, Samsung

Via: Phandroid

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